"Hitch Agency created beautiful video content for our website”

Kelly-Moss Road and Race needed a unique and compelling video to start promoting their new Safari Car Kits online. The copy that we created for the video was meant to inspire viewers to learn more about the kits:

Achieving over 30 years of winning on and off the track is no easy feat.  As a matter of fact, no other company has ever achieved what we have. You need the right team. A team of the brightest minds.  A team that's followed the same performance driven philosophy since 1988.

Our success in motorsport has allowed us to develop a rigorous testing process for every aspect of our business. By tying these proven testing methods into each car we build, we have created world-renowned custom vehicles from the ground up. Whether you are looking to tap into the most comprehensive online driver development programs in the industry, bring your next custom build to life, or compete against the world with our first class track side support program, our winning history provides confidence for no other can match
… and that's the Kelly Moss Road and Race difference.

After the copy for the script was approved by the client, we helped to produce the final video piece in collaboration with Sitton Visuals.








Madison, Wisconsin

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