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Providing  businesses with advanced digital marketing solutions and premium creative pieces.

What can Hitch Agency do for you?

Here at Hitch Agency, we specialize in building your digital marketing strategy from scratch and creating unique content for your company. From there, we utilize breakthrough solutions in digital marketing to share that content with your  ideal customer. Here's the breakdown on just a few of the things that we do best in the digital marketing space.
Content Creation

We understand that you might be new to advertising in the digital space, which is why we have content creation down to a science. One of the members of our talented team will work side-by-side with your business until you're confident that we've created memorable, engaging content, that will best  showcase your brand on multiple digital platforms.

Paid Digital Campaigns

We use industry standard tools and technologies to guarantee that your audiences are consistently shown top of the line content courtesy of your luxury business. We'll have all of your digital spaces looking clean and unforgettable in no time at all!

Content Management

If your website hasn't been optimized for organic searches, that's okay! One of the things that we do best is taking your current website and giving it a design and SEO makeover to get your site showing first for the top search keywords for your business.

Web Maintenence

What's the point in having great content if
you never share it with new audiences? Here at Hitch Agency, we help you get a jump start on growing your brand following and customer lists through strategical paid placements on major social media and search engine outlets.

About Hitch Agency

With advertising technologies developing daily, SCAD Creative Tech major Caitlin Holt wanted to find a way to bring modernized agency solutions to all types of businesses. This is her take on the on what an agency in 2021 should provide for you:

"Here at Hitch Agency, we value our client's time and  budget above everything else and take pride in only reporting the truth. We help our clients capitalize on changes in the digital space by placing a high value on data coupled with imagination and creative strategy. We only use proven forms of intelligence to integrate new ideas and make new connections for each of our brands. Our ability to see opportunities where others may not as well as the ability to bring those ideas to life is what truly sets us apart. From paid search, to social media, to creative, to analytics, our expertise and strategic approach can help develop the right solution to every client’s business challenge."

Hi, it's nice to meet you!

Our innovative and talented team is here to help meet your luxury brand's digital marketing and creative needs.
Caitlin Holt
Advertising Manager & Founder
William Sitton
Director of Photography
Cavender Holt
Software Specialist
"I saw company after company waste up to 25% of their digital marketing budget on empty leads every year, and knew that I wanted to find a solution for this. At Hitch Agency, we guarantee that every penny you spend for advertising will bring you the greatest returns.”
Caitlin Holt
Founder & Advertising Manager

Our Specialty Services

No matter what products or services your business has to offer, we can design the perfect digital marketing or creative solution for you. Through the process of creating spectacular content and placing it in the most ideal places for your target audience to see, we're able to give your business access to paying customers  faster than any other digital marketing agency.
Digital Advertising
Graphic Design
Web Design
Social Media

Industries We Have Served

Here are just a few of the many industries that we have served globally since we first opened our doors.







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